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His personality and the way he talks is very similar to morthy's grandpa

Bobert-Rob responds:

Yeah, it does kind of resemble a Rick rant. A little bit. Just with a lot less cynicism.

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Good mechanics, I know that maybe u aer still learning Unity but try to improve the Art(Characters, UI etc), If u are a programmer I recommend u using assets from another artists like in Itch.io so you only focus in programming stuff.

Otherwise, good mechanics, u have a great concept.

privatepook responds:

Thanks for the thoughts! This is all just placeholder art, so yeah, I will definitely put together some better art is I decide to take this further. For now, it's just testing out the idea of using the Unity physics to simulate slapping someone. Thanks for commenting!

Some day I would like to have your level design skills.

Your game is incredible, make a mobile version and I'll play this every day. Also u can make money.

wowowowo, It remembers me Geometry Dash. You calculated every platform distance to make the jump gameplay better.

Love your game.

Now serious, make a mobile version, you can get a lot of downloads with this game. It is very original and fun.

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Broh, you make me cry. I spended my childhood playing this in my ps2 and I never recorded the name of this game... but now, with your post finally I met again this piece of art.

I like it. The dress could be better, idk, it looks that the face was created with effort and patience and the tress looks like if you drawed it just for draw it.

pizza602slut responds:

Thanks for the feed back :) and yea I pretty much gave up on the dress after spending a lot of time on this drawing it lol


simpledog17 responds:

Thanks man!

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